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Mission Statement

Our mission at South Miami Heights Elementary is to create a positive learning environment that empowers students, staff, parents, and the community to pursue literacy, knowledge, and life skills that will prepare our students for the challenges and expectations of the twenty-first century. “It Takes a Whole Village to Raise a Child.” Building upon this concept, each student’s strengths and abilities will be nurtured through the following four main components:

·         Promote literacy throughout the school and foster life-long readers.

·         Cultivate students’ self-esteem by providing opportunities where they can contribute their cultural values and traditions to their school and community.

·         Utilize schoolwide technological programs that include development of technological skills, critical thinking, writing and problem-solving strategies.

·         Develop students’ personal responsibility to promote decision-making in daily life.

By implementing these components, we envision a school in which students are active learners, positive thinkers, and proud citizens of their global village.

South Miami Heights Elementary School holds the following beliefs as the motivation for services provided by the school: a commitment to bridge the gap between school and career, and to develop the desire to continue as lifelong learners. Therefore, South Miami Heights Elementary School believes that its responsibility is to its students, faculty and staff, and to the community and society that it serves.

Vision Statement

The vision of South Miami Heights Elementary is to help students develop into engaged, productive members of society who put knowledge to work. Students are nurtured, challenged and encouraged to reach the extent of their potential. Individual student needs are identified and met in an effort to help each student reach his/her full potential.


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